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Bowen Consulting Group, Inc. is a business valuation firm based in the Atlanta, GA area.

Business valuations are necessary in a broad spectrum of situations of need or adversity including the following:

Allocation of acquisition price
Buy/sell agreement
Bankruptcy and foreclosures
Charitable contributions
Eminent domain
Employee stock ownership plans
Estate and gift taxes
Fairness opinions
Franchise valuation or evaluation
Gifting programs
Incentive stock option programs
Income tax issues
Life insurance decisions
Litigation support
Liquidation or reorganization
Mediation and arbitration
Mergers and acquisitions
Sale of a business
S corporation elections
Split-ups and spin-offs
Succession planning

Why should you use a business valuation analyst ?

Establishing an accurate assessment of value for any business, enterprise or intangible asset requires in-depth, specialized knowledge. Business valuation professionals with practical experience as C.P.A.'s are well prepared to meet the client's exacting needs. Their varied experience and training in valuation theory and application, litigation support, accounting, tax, auditing, finance, insurance, economics and investments prepare the business valuation analyst to provide the client with a comprehensive analysis and a competent valuation.

Numbers, facts, figures, balance sheets and financial statements simply are not adequate to accurately measure the true fair market value of an asset. Many different approaches and methods of valuation analysis should be reviewed and selectively matched to the asset being valued. Selecting the most appropriate methodology, supported by various types of analysis, including sophisticated mathematical calculations, ratio analysis, industry comparisons, economic and market analysis, relative business risk assessment, and many other considerations, is required to achieve a competent valuation.

When valuing your business or assets it is important to have the assurance that the valuation analyst considers all the relevant information and facts so you get the full economic benefit you deserve. Using a credentialed and qualified business valuator will give you confidence, peace-of-mind, and the advantage of knowing you will receive a professional product.


Certified Public Accountant/Accredited in Business Valuation

The Accredited in Business Valuation (A.B.V.) credential is awarded by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In order to earn the A.B.V. accreditation, an individual must be a C.P.A., demonstrate substantial business valuation experience including the completion of a threshold number of valuation engagements, and pass a rigorous professional examination. Holders of the A.B.V. credential are considered among the most elite group of business valuation professionals. Continuing education and substantial involvement in business valuation engagements is required to maintain the A.B.V. credential.

Certified in Financial Forensics 

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, in 2008, established the Certified in Financial Forensics (C.F.F.) credential to distinguish C.P.A.'s who specialize in forensic accounting.  The C.F.F. credential is granted exclusively to C.P.A.'s who demonstrate considerable expertise in forensic accounting through their knowledge, skill, and experience.



Recent engagements have involved:

Civil Litigation
Tax Litigation
Estate and Gift Tax Valuation
Sale of a Business
Purchase of a Business
Establishing Value for an S Corporation Election
Establishing Value for an Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Corporate Recapitalization
Franchise Valuation
Strategic Planning and Value Management
Purchase Price Allocation Under IRC 1060